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This health risk assessment will provide you with an idea of your risk for common chronic diseases. Knowing your risk factors is important as it enables you to make lifestyle choices and changes that can decrease your risks and improve your health. It’s important to show your doctor/s your results as they will be able to monitor any potential problems and treat any conditions where necessary to help prevent permanent damage.

Before you complete this health risk assessment you will need to know some basic measurements and values. These include: your height, weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol and random blood glucose. Your doctor or local pharmacy clinic can do these tests for you.

Don't forget to ask for a copy of your results or ask them to record your results on our downloadable health passport. Keep your results on file for future reference.

For some questions you will need to get information from your parents to ascertain if there is a family history of any heart or circulatory problems and cancer and to establish at what age they were affected.

The health risk assessment also provides a guide as to what screening tests you should be having and at what age.

Usage of Results

Results collected from these health risk assessments will be collated and utilised by The Men’s Health Association to create publicity about men’s health issues, for research purposes and for any other purpose that the Men’s Health Association choses. All individual results submitted will be kept anonymous.

Terms and Conditions

This assessment has been compiled by The Men’s Health Association. The assessment is intended as a guide only and does not replace the advice provided by a healthcare professional. A full health risk assessment should be conducted under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner.

The medical information provided in this assessment is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. The Men’s Health Association makes no representations or warranties in relation to the information in this assessment. The information in this assessment is not intended as advice and should not be used as such. As new medical research emerges, recommendations as to what screening tests are relevant and what measurements should be considered as low, high or medium may change. Users of this assessment should consult with a medical practitioner for the latest recommendations.

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